52. OSCHA roses juliet (linen)

Another part of our hols - Linen Juliet Roses. Supportive and beautiful, rare as their sisters - Scarista or Noel. Supportive as 50 % linen should be. Bit lighter than silk Juliets, much nicer imo. Bit shimmery as linen like to be, especially on pics. 

When i have sold silk Juliet`s my husband asked " why ? it was so nice. " but "..yes, maybe you are right. not so supportive "  (great hus, isn`t he? ;) ). So when i gave him linen Juliet (didn`t say how much i paid, sure not, he isn`t SO great, no miracles) he spent whole the day in hot Ciutadella city, walking with no any complains. And tats even not all. Throughout the hols he wanted to use just this one (even i took few kilo`s of wraps, had problems at check-in baggage ) tat finally i had to tell him bit about value and idea of sweeping road by the Juliet ends.. ;)